We have formulated some of the most common questions asked about Wraps to help you better understand what a Wrap is; and what the process of wrapping a vehicle entails.

What is a Vehicle Wrap?

A Wrap is a large, full color, vinyl graphic or decal (sticker). It is applied directly over the original paint of the vehicle.

Why should I use a Vehicle Wrap for advertising?

Firstly - Cost! Wraps are the cheapest form of advertising. Some forms of advertising, like TV, Radio, Billboards or Yellow Pages are just rented for a period of time, or on a monthly or annual basis. With a Wrap you OWN it, and once it is installed, it can remain on your vehicle for as long as you choose to keep it on.
Secondly - Exposure. Our high quality, high-resolution vehicle wraps deliver excellent marketing exposure. The graphics on your trucks, buses and vans are in constant motion and reach millions of people everyday. Your vehicle graphics are visible 24/7, and are seen everywhere the vehicle drives, and every time the vehicle is parked. It is a moving billboard! Statistically it has been proven that:
90% of travelers notice graphics on wrapped vehicles.
75% of consumers form impressions about a company based on their fleet graphics.
What’s involved in a Vehicle Wrap?

There are three main phases.
1. Design & Setup: In this phase we work closely with the customer to meet their exact specifications. We will design the graphic and lay it out on the vehicle as an electronic picture before printing it, so you can see what it will look like.

2. Production: The graphic is printed on premium quality vinyl and then laminated to protect the material and to preserve the colors.

3. Installation: The vinyl is applied to your vehicle, using experienced and qualified installers.

Can I provide the graphics for the wrap?

Yes you can, however there are some limitations. Wrap graphics are huge files - the size of your vehicle - so you cannot expect to take a small picture off the internet and blow it up to the size of a car, because the resolution will be severly distorted. To provide us with your graphics they need to be in a specific format that is usable by us in our process. Contact us for details!

How long will the wrap last on my vehicle?

Wrap material is rated by the manufacturers for 3 years outdoor use, but this is also dependant on how well the wrap is looked after, and how much sun exposure it receives.

Will a Vehicle Wrap damage my paint?

In most cases vehicle wraps will not damage factory paint jobs. In fact, wraps can protect your paint from exposure to harsh UV rays. It can also protect the gel coat of your boat. However, if there are any defects in the original paint it is possible that some paint could peel off when the vinyl is removed.

Can I see through vinyl on the windows?

For windows we use a perforated window film which you can see through from inside the vehicle. The visibility from inside the vehicle is similar to glass with a regular window tint.

Can you wrap a leased vehicle?

Sure, we’ve wrapped many leased vehicles. The wrap will protect and preserve the paint.